Changes in Registering for Chicago Park District Fall Programs

Posted: 8/2/2012

AUG. 20 & 21

In order to ensure a successful fall registration, signing up online for offerings will take place over two days and in two different zones. Parks located west of California Avenue will begin registration Monday, Aug. 20 at 9 a.m.
Parks located east of California Avenue will begin registration Tuesday, Aug. 21 at 9 a.m.

In-person registration begins either Saturday, August 25 or Monday, August 27, depending upon the park. To check when a particular park is beginning online and in-person registration, click here.

Fall programs can be viewed and wish lists can be created beginning Monday, Aug. 6.

Fall programs run from the week of Sept. 24 to the week of Dec. 3.

Over the last few months, significant changes have been made to the Chicago Park District online registration system by Activenet, the Chicago Park District's web vendor. Activenet has re-engineered the software to better process rush registrations and ran extensive tests to replicate customer behavior.

Additionally, questions that were previously asked during the registration process for a youth program have been relocated to the account information. This modification will shorten the time it takes to register for a youth program and allow patrons the ability to update this information through their account whenever needed. Due to this change, patrons should update account information prior to fall registration.

Preparing for Registration Day

In order to be prepared for the first day of online registration, patrons should consider the following tips:
• Set up an account on the new registration system if you haven't already. The new registration system took effect with spring 2012 registration.
• Add all persons who you plan to register for on your account.
• Any person paying should also be added to your account.
• Check your account login and password before registration begins. If you experience any problems, this will allow time to contact the Chicago Park District before registration begins.
• Review your account information and make changes as needed, with specific focus on:
- School information.
- Child pick up (who can/who can't pick up your child), and the ability for your child to walk home on his/her own.
- All other account information.
• Create a wish list with the programs that you plan to register.
• Review screen shots of the registration process.

View the fall registration web page for more information on these changes.

For more information, visit or call 312-742-PLAY.